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//This the one that requires a binary search of the data. Your program should read the //charge account numbers from a file and the contents of the file should be unsorted. The //charge accounts are found the problem entitled Charge Account Validation.

//The file will have one charge account number on each line of the file. You will need to //create your own data file. The file should be named: chargeaccounts.dat
// Chapter 8, programming Challenge 4
//Account Validation Modification
//Godwin Armah-Afful
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

int main()

//Function prototypes
bool SearchList(int[], int, int);
void selectionSort(int[],int);

const int ARRAY_SIZE = 18; // the Array size
int chargeAcct[ARRAY_SIZE]; // Array with 18 elements
int count = 0; // Loop counter variable
ifstream inputFile; // Input File stream oblject"chargeaccount.dat"); //Open data File

//Read the numbers from the files into the Array
// After this loop executes, the counter variable will hold
// the number of values that were stored in the array
while(count < ARRAY_SIZE&&inputFile >> chargeAcct[count])

//close File

// Display the numbers read
cout <<"The numbers are:";
for (int index=0; index < count; index++)
cout <<chargeAcct[index] << " ";
cout << endl;

return 0;


int accountNumber; // to hold the account number

// sort the list of arrays
selectionSort( accountNumber,SIZE);

bool found;
cout << "Enter 7-digit Charge Account Number: " << endl;
cin >> chargeAccount;

// Search the array by the number and indicate it is valid or Invalid
found = searchList( , SIZE, accountNumber);
if (found) {
cout << "You Entered a Valid Number" << endl;

( found == -1);
cout << "Your Charge Account is Invalid.\n";
return 0;

bool binarysearch(long list[], int numElems, long value)
long index = 0;
int position = -1;
bool found = false;

while (index < numElems && !found)
if (list[index] == value)
found = true;
position = index;
return found;

// I have been able to solve the data file problem but it the rest of the code is full of errors and I am just a beginner
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