Function issue

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

#include <cwchar>
using namespace std;

char response;

int main()
cout << "Would you like to play a game? Y/N?";

cin >> response;

if (response == "y")
cout << "What game would you like to play? Please type in exactly what the game is called including spaces, dashes, or capitalization.";
cin >> a;

//right here is where I would put a function to search the computer if I could find one.

else if (response == "n")
cout << "Goodbye!";

//countdown loop
for (int n=3; n>0; n--) {
cout << n << ", ";
cout << "CIAO!\n";
return 0;

The first part allows the user to input a program they want to open. What I am missing is a function to search the computer for the program the user had typed.
The last part starts a countdown to turn off the program if the user doesn't want to use the program. So what I need help on is basically any errors that you might notice and a function to search the computer.

what? What about it? I tried to look stuff up on google but I couldn't find much that was helpful. Could anyone please help?
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