Ping commands

What is a ping command in C++? I am working on a project and it wants us to use a ping command.
Can someone answer this please?
Your problem statement lacks suitable context for the board to give you an answer.
Basically if you can't give us a problem, then GIYF (Google Is Your Friend) :)
Add a ping command which accepts a grid location and returns an indication as to whether or not something returned an echo in that location, ie, only a ship, bombed or not, should return an echo.

That is what I need to do, but I don't know what a ping command is.
In that context, ping is probably some boolean function that returns true if the grid is occupied and false otherwise. Assuming you're doing this for a Battleship-style game, ping is naval a term used to describe active sonar. The name Ping is arbitrary and is just named that way to reflect the imaginary "Battleship" domain in which you're working.
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