msvcp100 or mfc100 dll

hi guys

i have no idea what s this error message could possibly mean.
the program can t start because MSVCP.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem

a litle story before. I made some program console app and it works perfectly fine on my computer. i am using microsoft visual studio 2010 but whenever i send it to somebody else this message pops up.
did anybody had any problem like this??
and also i tryed to send other program win32 api and mfc100 dll is missing.
before when i worked with dev c++ it never happened.
When using Visual Studio you must imbed those files in the root of the executable or the person using the program must have VS installed. That's the reason I don't like using Visual Studio anymore, it feels too proprietary.
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well but what files exactly.. because almost every computer has msvcp.dll files in his computer.. and when i tried to copy that file on windows screen where api i made is it still gives me the same error on that other computer.
Try reading this thread from this forum:
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