Sorting issues, sorting strings by alphabet

Hi guys, first post here :) so I'm trying to make a simple program which will sort strings in order of alphabet.

I've come up with something which looks like it should work, and having searched the web (and this forum :P) my code seems similar to what others have had in terms of selection sort, yet mine doesn't work/the same error didn't occur. Mine crashes with a memory error.

edit: code removed, solved

my program gets to the point of printing the original contents of the array, (until line 15) whilst running but then crashes somewhere thereafter, this is where I need your guys expertise and help, I've been trying some stuff for a while, but to no avail.

If anyone could nudge me in the right direction or recognise a glaring error i've missed/put that would be much appreciated :)

oh and btw that code is in the main.
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That code sorts them for me! No crashes. I'm using MSVC++ for compile
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very odd, i've literally not touched my code since I put this post up, and it runs fine now! :O

I'm not going to question it... but thanks anyway dude! :)

topic solved!! :D

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