I need a good compiler.

Hello everyone!

I'm a beginner, and I need to know what compiler is the best? (I need a link for it if it's possible) ..

thank you .. :)
For windows you could get MinGW version. And with Code::Blocks IDE included:
You need codeblocks-██.██mingw-setup.exe
No one compiler is the absolute best at everything. Ideally, anyone who is learning C++ should try compiling their code with at least two different compilers.

For instance, the current version of the Microsoft Compiler:
and a recent version of the GNU compiler (a link is given in the earlier post).

I am on Mac, and as a beginner I user a $10 app from the App Store called "Code Runner". It let's you edit, build, compile, and run command-line programs from within the app. It's not efficient for large projects, but as a novice working through tutorials, I find it excellent for testing myself as I progress.
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