Whats wrong with this?

#include <windows.h>

HINSTANCE ShellExecute(
_In_opt_ HWND hwnd,
_In_opt_ LPCTSTR lpOperation,
_In_ LPCTSTR lpFile,
_In_opt_ LPCTSTR lpParameters,
_In_opt_ LPCTSTR lpDirectory,
_In_ INT nShowCmd

ShellExecute(NULL, open, C:\Documents and Settings\Josh\My Documents\My Music\Skillet-Hero, NULL, NULL, SW_MINIMIZE)

3 C:\Dev-Cpp\main.cpp `HINSTANCE__*ShellExecuteA' redeclared as different kind of symbol

My error
┬┐why are you declaring `ShellExecute' ? the header should do that already.
Also, "this is a string, note the quotes"
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