Sending and retrieving program

I dont know what is wrong with the program it is suppose to retrieve data from a file. just 2 simple lines but i dont know what this error means plz help
Error 1 error C1075: end of file found before the left brace '{' at 'h:\computer programs\retrieve program\wtf2real\retrieveprogram.cpp(7)' was matched h:\computer programs\retrieve program\wtf2real\retrieveprogram.cpp 35 1 wtf2real

using namespace std;

int main()
string name;
string city;

ifstream infile;"h:/testdata.dat",ios::out);

if (!infile.eof() )
cout<<"name: "<<name<<endl;
cout<<"city: "<<city<<endl<<endl;
while (!infile.eof() );



return 0;
Every open brace { must have a matching close brace }

In this case, I don't see the closing brace at the end of function main(), after return 0;
I cant believe i didnt see that but now its saying this
Error 2 error LNK1105: cannot close file 'H:\computer programs\Retrieve program\Debug\wtf2real.ilk' H:\computer programs\Retrieve program\wtf2real\LINK wtf2real
According to google, that error LNK1105 is something specific to Microsoft. It may be related to insufficient disk space?
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