how to create simple game using c++

hello..i'm new here..can anybody help me how to create game using coding..please help..
There are lots of games which you can create using coding, there's no limitation.
As a simple game, I can mention a word finder game which is so easy. You have an N*N table which is filled with random characters, user types word, if word exists it will be shown.
You can also create a simple sudoku.
And so on ...
Decide what game you want to create, then we'll help through that.
Good luck
It depends on what all you already know. What kind of games you want to write. Does this includes animation or just text based games.

I am asking because if you don't know programming then the first thing you want to learn is how to do it and then move on to create games.

There are many many topics related to this in the forum and you can search and read them too.
How animation is included in games?
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