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Hi, Im new to this programming things, best described as i am zero information about this c++ things, so i would ask the forumers, what i need to learn first so that i can start to understand this c++ things, any help would be appreciated thanks, and i new to this cplusplus web too thanks for help :)
You could start with the tutorial here.

sorry for late respond, thanks you!!
If you're unfamiliar with programming, it's better not to start with C++. Try 'Python' instead. It's a legit language, but it's also more forgiving and the programmer needs to know less about computers to get started with it.
Read some books on C++.

There's a lot of authors who have written excellent books, which help to understand the logic and concepts used in C++.

Also, you can gain help from the web, there are many tutorials and forums like this one to help you.

Best option is to start of with small programs.

Hope this helps.

P.S. For any info, try GOOGLE search. Trust me it helps a lot.

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