help understanding inputing from file into an array

I am having trouble understaind the specific way to read from a file and putting th einformation into an array and continue reading info from there

^^ this is the text in the file
i have to put the first line into an array becuase it is the answer key... then compare it to every students answers and grade accordingly

so im thinkin i have to put the key into an array using a for loop
then im using a string type variable for the name part because i really only have to display JJJJ 4562 would be a string

then create another array for each students ansewrs andsince i do not know how many students i would use a while loop for this

ive been looking around but i really cant understand the syntax of how after the answerkey is in the array, make it jummp to the next line and get the string and other array .
if i am unclear let me know would i differentitate between when the student id ends and test asnwers beigin
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