I'm a 13 year old kid and i want to learn c++

Ok guys I'm 13 years old and i think it would be cool to create a game of some sort.I heard c++ would is good for this. So I wanted to know where do i start learning? I have no Exp in c++ what so ever so i need to learn from the ground up....Can anyone help? By the way is it possible to make a online multiplayer game with c++?
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If you know no C++, start with the tutorials on this site. Don't expect to be making a game by tomorrow, it's gonna take time to get the language down to the point where you can start working on a game.

Also, don't really expect to be making the next Call of Halo: BattleReach 7 Fields of Blackops, or whatever it is that's coming out now.
Believe me i know
While you're working through the tutorials and getting your first programs to compile, keep lurking this Beginners forum. As the spring progresses, you'll notice many students posting problems that their instructors are assigning them. You may find it beneficial to grab some of their code, see if you can do their assignments, and improve these programs. I would guess that these introductory assignments would culminate near the end of the semester (so, sometime in May for the universities I'm familiar with).

A lot of them are games, such as guessing a number, tic-tac-toe, and Battleship. These will require you to master several basic concepts and get you thinking about game logic and user interaction.
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Realistically speaking, it will take you a couple of years to master programming in C++ (assuming you have no programming experience in another language).

Learning C++ will be hard enough, the language is old, and filled with pitfalls, poor design choices, and weird rules:

(alternative C++ reference) http://en.cppreference.com/w/

Then you'll need to learn to use a dedicated games/graphics library (because writing your own will be a waste of time):


Finally, some sites where to ask your questions:

(this forum where we are right now)

Good luck. Although that's just a figure of speech -- you make your own luck!
If you want a shortcut for game dev, check out cryengine:

It gives you the framework to create 1st person shooters. You build your own components and then stick them in. There is less small language stuff to learn, and you'll be able to produce something pretty cool relatively quickly.
@Catfish3 Don't bring him down. I programmed in C++ for 3 months and then started to program games. AND I'm younger. I'm pretty sure he can pull it off as quickly as I did if he has the same learning curve as me.
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