Can't figure out the problem!

Please help me find the error in the code below. The error msg is:
error: stray '/327' in program
In function 'float convert(float)':
error: expected ';' before 'Celsius'

#include <iostream>

float convert(float);

int main()
using namespace std;

float Celsius;
cout << "Please enter a Celsius value: ";
cin >> Celsius;
cout << Celsius << " degrees Celsius is: " << convert(Celsius) << " degrees Fahrenheit";

return 0;

float convert(float Celsius){
return 1.8 × Celsius + 32.0;
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return 1.8 × Celsius + 32.0;
This is not how multiplication is done in C++.
Well, that was a pretty stupid mistake, thanks for pointing it out.
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