Am I able to be a c++ programmer by self-study?

Hi Dears,
I am a student of B.A.Hon's in English. How can I be an expert and get all things related c++ programmer?
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Well, really It all depends on how much you like to learn. I suggest learning C++ from websites , books , Videos , Teachers and everywhere internet is full of knowledge.

Also no one can very be best or learn everything in C++, I myself may be a expert in C++ but I can put money right now suggesting there are many if not thousands of better Programmers than me.

Since C++ is very big topic OS to PLC are programmed in C++ and learning all of those will require a lifetime to be a pro at those subjects.

I have been learning C++ for around 2 years and I am able to develop small OS but some people who have 5 years Experience are still not able to program a OS so really it is about how hard you concentrate not how long you learn.
I suggest you first go to google and type "Basic C++ tutorials" just like this:

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