Have a couple minutes to help me out with basics on programing?

Hi everyone! I have been playing MMORPG's like WoW, Fiesta, Maplestory, Dragon Nest, and a few others. I've taken a huge liking to these games although in each game I have played there have been many things that have forced me into not playing anymore.

I have great ideas for games like these if I were to make my own. I already have a huge notebook on what I would do. How the characters would look. Move sets. Everything!

The only problem is... I have no idea on where to even begin to start learning about how to program a game like this. I have tried searching the web but there's just endless websites and me having no experience what so ever I need someone to tell me where to start. Of course I'd need help from lots of other people to actually make a game but I want to start learning by myself first. I learn very quickly and I usually learn by just reading stuff by myself so anything online that I have to read would be great!

Any guides/tutorials or anything you guys can link me to would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for all the help in advance!
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The tutorial on this site: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/
Books on C++ (Google this and you will get thousands of results to sift through).

You could also start at an easier language, my personal favorite is Python:
For books just Google.
For anything else you do not understand: Google, then if solution not found, create a thread in the correct forum on this site. (Assuming you start with C++, if not, post all questions in the lounge).
Thank's a lot I really appreciate it.
Always a pleasure. If you need more help, just ask (but please do some research first)
It sounds like game design is what you are really after. Coding games can be just as fun but it's a whole different animal, especially 3D games.

I would look into using a complete game engine. Here is a good list.


Good luck!
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