Just Starting with C++

Greeting Programs!

I'm trying to get into programming. I first started programming back in 1993 using Cobol and Ada. I have since long forgotten programming in both of those languages. However, I am wanting to get into learning C++. I have a few friends that have recommended it as a starting point for getting into other possibilities in the programming field.

So far, I have purchased a book called C++ in 24 hours. I do know that this is just an introductory book and will not go into great detail on many theories or subjects within C++. I have just been told it is a good place to start.

My question is a simple one. My goal, and I know it will be a long one, is to end up in game design. What kind of classes would be ideal for me to look into? What prerequisite classes should I take if any before getting into a degree program through a school?

Constructive suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your insight.
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fyi this belongs in the lounge. i would suggest learning <thread> SFML and opengl
Ty DTSCode for your help. I will delete this and then post it in the proper area.

Thanks also for your suggestions. I have written them down and will look into them.

Thanks again.
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