What kind of degree should be taken?

Hello everyone,
I have somewhat recently found an unfathomable interest in programming. I have bought a couple books to begin learning in C++ which is going pretty well despite the conceptual hurdles in the way.

I would like to go ahead and further my education on the subject by taking online courses but I am not sure what major I should go for. I have thought about Software Engineering which I am not entirely sure will be exactly what I am looking for.

My ultimate goal is to be able to get into game development. My question
Would Software Engineering give me the necessary skills to program more complex software such as videogames?

I'd greatly appreciate your input.
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Bump. I really need to know if taking on an online program for Software Engineering is going to be what I'm looking for or if I should take a degree more specific to gaming. Thanks.
Software engineering will provide you with the necessary skills to program any software. You don't need a degree to program a videogame, but getting a degree prepares you for such things.

Someone with experience in this field could explain better
Thanks for the reply Smac. I just needed to know if I HAVE TO take a game specific programming degree.

My suspicions were that as long as you know the language(s) then it doesn't matter. Thanks again.
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