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Hi there, as you guys can tell I'm a beginner programmer who want to improve myself and help others to do the same.
I wanted to create a group from this site out of any programmer who wants to improve him/herself no matter what level that person is (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert,...) so that we can share knowledge and enjoy programming.
I'll be waiting for your replies, thanks in advance :)

EDIT : The idea of this group is project-based. One of the members suggests an idea, the others study if it understandable and executable, then team-working our way until the project is finished.
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I suggest you find an Open Source project you're interested in and start learning their code base and contributing.
@Zaita thx for replying and for your advice, but all the open source projects I found were to complicated for me to understand. Can you give me a link for a website that has easy and understandable projects ?
Dreamer I'm quite interested in you idea. But I want to know how much you know already. I want to know this because I don't want to be a hindrance to you, since Iam a complete beginner. Some basic thing I know are if,else,class and object(haven't completely grasped it), variables.
I'm really interested in teaming up with people of different background(programming-related) but with one major goal! Let's do something real fast, we can discuss in group, bring different suggestions and together find a project to execute. Let someone create a small meeting place so we can interact easily on anything that needs to be done and we can get to know each other. I'm really looking forward to meet yall. You can PM me, its open.
Instead of discussion, someone plz start this...
Shall we use IRC channels or a Facebook group that allows group discussion? I can set that up within minutes. If I was with my PC it'd have been easier for me to setup a private IRC channel, let someone set it up and give us the detail asap.
Whats wrong with this place?
This place would be helpful because many members can see this instead of fb group page.
The rule of this forum forbids us from doing that kind of communication in here, I know it may look like "WTF? Aint we gonn help errbody when we discuss what we gonn do next?", this forum isn't open for such discussion like ours. So its very much advisable we have an external IM room where LIVE communication can take place.
do you guys want to make a new community at google plus?
thx you guys all for replying. I was starting to lose hope about this idea.
@Ichigogb I only know the basics, so you can say that I'm a beginner too.
@Matri X I liked your idea about the IRC channels but unfortunately I don't know how to set one up
I'll set one up as soon as I get back to school on Monday. I'll let you guys know when its done.
NB: You may activate e-mail notification or bookmark this page so it'd notify you to whenever I post a reply.
I'm interested in this as well. Can't really study on my own anymore without my mind drifting away. Please hit me up too Matri X.
May I join, too? I'm self-studying, so I need all the help I can get.
Really interested in joining this group.
Like I said earlier, y'all may activate an email notification or maybe check back on Monday. It'd be the first thing I'd do when I get back to school. I'll setup an IRC meeting channel where we can all meet and discuss things and agree on what project we gonn execute and stuffs like that. Its gonn be AWESOME!
OK, Until Monday then :)
Let us at least decide what day and time we will meet to make everyone shows up at the same time. I'm free after 1600 central time.
OK guys, I promised to post this on Monday but I guess I did it faster than i had thought. Our IRC is live. To join, please follow the instructions carefully,

1. Download & Unzip your favorite IRC Client, I use irssi(a VERY beautiful command-line client) and I'd suggest it too.
2. If you use irssi, on the first screen type: /server
3. Type /join #ISLABs
4. Chances are, your initial username will be taken and you’ll be given something like "Josh____". You can change your nickname with the command "/nick NickName" (no quotes). Since you'll be using your channel often, you should reserve your chosen nickname with a password. You can do this with a command in the format "/msg nickserv register YourPassword YourEmail@address". When you return to the server later, you may login with "/msg nickserv identify YourRegisteredPassword".

That's all about it. I'll try to stay online as much as possible, and I'll be expecting to see you to or drop a message at
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Ooh I am interested. I am comp engineering student and just began this semester. I am taking my first ever programming class and we are learning C so that is all I know right now and I am rather noobish at it. However, this sounds potentially great for this summer to expand my knowledge of C and or learn new languages for my upcoming classes and potentially create projects for when searching for internships/jobs :P

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