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Follow the instruction and you're good to go. We'll be waiting
Thanks alot Matri X, you're awesome man!
I'll be waiting there, see ya guys :)
Okay, sitting in the channel and waiting. Lets see if someone shows up :D
I've been trying to connect but I ain't getting any connection, but I'll keep trying till I can get any.
I'm in the channel right now. Nobody is in here though, and frankly speaking I'm not even sure if I did this right. So I'll just be sticking around in the channel and checking back in this thread to see if anyone's connected.
There are two people in the channel right now. Me and Dreamer. So I guess you made a mistake somewhere.

MatriX, try
We're sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused you. We've been staying online since the Channel opened but few people having been coming. I'm gonna try to stay much longer from now on.
Let's all try to be online in the next 1hr46mins.

@Flick, I'm gonna check it now.
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I'm totally free today, so I'll be waiting for others to show up :)
@MatriX did it work for ya ?
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Another suggestion for you guys would be to tackle some code competition questions. I know others were on here a while ago looking for partners to help them solve some competition problems so it might be some good practice for your team also.

Here is some sites that you can check out, and maybe pick a problem every few days or whatever you guys work out and them all of you can work on it together or separately then discuss what solutions you came up with and how you came up with it.

That would give you guys some good experience on working in teams and also just getting the hang of basic programming algorithms. Also they would be a bit easier then trying to complete full fledged projects.

Them are just a few.

Anyways wish you guys the best of luck with your group.
Thanks Zereo, gonna take a look at those sites, codechef in particular looks very promising at first glance!

MatriX, still waiting for you!

I suggest that all of us contributing to such a vast and brilliant community should work together and make something NEW in C++.
The idea is primitive : we can make a new header file or something.All of us should make small small parts of it (divide and conquer method) and at last combine the full code to make it complete.If anyone likes my idea please expand it.
EDIT:This could be our own opensource-project><
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