Arrays very easy question

What's the difference between a[4] and int a[7]? this a my hw question idk how to explain or the know the difference..can you show me the difference with an example?
If this even compiles, I would assume the compiler is assuming that a[ 4 ] is an array of four ints. Even if it does, this is not a good choice in my opinion.

So if they are both integer arrays I would say the difference is -3? ;)
a[4] represents 5th element of array named 'a'.

int a[7] represents declaring an array of name 'a' that can hold a max of 7 elements.
Duh! Much better answer, kinley. I looked at his question being declarations of arrays. Thanks for straightening me out!
The first, a[4], is an expression. The second, int a[7], is a declaration.
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