Hi guys I need short simple clear notes on 1. Passing structure types variables to a function in C++
2. Suitability of diferent parameters passing schemes in different situations.
Please assist me.
What do you need help with?
Im having a problem understanding how to pass values. Missed a class and I cant seem to catch up. I really need pointers on the topic
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There are a couple of ways to pass values but this should be what you're looking for.
Ravenshade, can you please for a moment stop confusing people with your God-knows-what i-gotta-answer-that attitude? Read the question this dude posted very well before giving an "abnormal" link.
He said Structureddata types, what has functions with simple data types got to do with the post sir?
OP, do you know how to pass primitive data types to functions? If so, passing a struct/class data type works in exactly the same way. A struct/class is just a programmer defined data type. They work in near identical manner than primitive data types, except they get to use the . operator.
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