Application which runs your program with multiple user defined parameters

Hi, I am currently learning C++ as part of an Engineering degree.

The programs we are currently writing work with cmd line arguments, and when submitted will be tested for a large number of parameters.

When we submit them, our programs are run by another program which tests for a number of command line inputs as defined by the head tutor, and returns a list of outcomes for each user defined entry.

The problem is that we have to use Visual Studio express, and altering the cmd line arguments being entered takes a very long time in Vis Studio when you have to do it 20+ times.

I was wondering if anyone knows of an application which can run your program with a large number of possible parameters, which can be defined by the user, and returns a list of each user defined entry and their outcome.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
myCoolProgram.exe first_parameter second_one > Out1.txt
myCoolProgram.exe alt_first another_second > Out2.txt
And so on...
After launching that bat file you will have several txt files containing standard output of program
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