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I think it's possible to take the 4.7 headers and put them in the folder for the 4.6 headers, replacing (or backing up) the 4.6 ones.
Well I have updated whole MinGW to 4.8 that way, so it shouldn't be the problem. Better to back up old version though.
Is it just my computer, or does Clang really take a lot of time to compile programs?
The executables are way smaller than MinGW though...
(500KB vs 23KB :D)
It takes a long time with programs that use anything from boost (>30 seconds), but it's usually <10 seconds for me with most programs.
But... I got rid of Boost along with MinGW 4.8.0.
And Clang takes about 30 seconds to build a small program, and 15 for "Hello World". Funnily enough it takes the same amount of time to build a program which has 100 LOC and a program with 700 LOC.
I guess that it's my computer (it has an Intel Pentium :D)
I need to upgrade...
The MinGW build on the Nuwen distro has been updated from 10.0 to 10.1 !

I guess it's just a small update, but i'll try it out.

One of the things I miss from that distro is GDB - the debugger, why isn't it there?

I also downloaded MinGW from MinGW-builds, versions from 4.6.2 to 4.6.4 and none of them have the pthreadsGC2.dll.
This is most curious as 4.6.2-1 is the same version that the installer retrieves if you choose the pre-packaged release, but the one from the installer has the dll.
I decided to try and get the latest packages using the same installer (I noticed that the 'C++ compiler' was unchecked by default :/ ), the version was 4.7.2-1.
And guess what... The dll was there!

I set up Clang together with MinGW from the installer...
Sadly, clang++ crashes...

Has anybody else tried this?
I think that pthreadGC2.dll is in one of the optional MinGW packages that the installer downloads, but it is not included in MinGW-builds.
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