while arrays problem

so i want a program that reads from a file with the format: name, gender.
but the name can either be 1,2 or 3 words.

so i was thinking to calculate the number of words and then assign to arrays
am i on the right track?

thanks for your help in advance
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If the format actually is "name, gender" and not "name gender", then you can just use getline(blah, blah, ',');
huh... i wish I had known that before...

so it will either get a line, or 'get' until the 3rd char arg is reached?

that is awsome and I'm trying that out right now, lol

Also, another thing:

couldn't you just out it with a space in between, and then getline(in, line, ' ');?
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Well if the name has spaces in it that won't work, and in any case it has the same behavior as the >> operator, which is that it reads until it gets a space.
Heyy no it doesnt have commas seperating it ... just space...
e.g. Joe John M
Eliza Beth Lo F
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Well, you can check how many words there are and you know that the last one is the gender. I think this is what you wanted to do but it certainly isn't what you programmed.
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