netbean and visual studio 2010

can i ask why my program able to run in visual studio 2010
and output those all working fine totally

but when i run netbean it's run as well also
but if i keep to repeat to display same thing ,
the error will come out stated that my program is not working

can someone tell me?
i think other people might face it before..
You probably did something which caused an undefined behavior in your program.
like memory something like that?

because i search some netbean info.
they say it's not a enterprise solution because it's bug inside and the developer team unable to fix it. and it's stay WONTFIX

he told other people something like this , the team is CND something like that...
netbeans is an IDE, not a compiler. Usually it uses gcc as a compiler. Gcc have its own share of bugs like MSVC, but I highly doubt that you can run into one.

Without looking at your code it is impossible to say if there is problem with not supported features, bugs or wrong code.

Undefined behavior:
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