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I just finished my program and in textpad and now its all in random symbols and I cant UNDO it any help
Describe what you did before seeing it like that.
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all I did was use textpad to write program but when I finished it said do you want to reformat and I clicked okay it turned into a long page of symbols and I just cant seem to figure out how to get it back.
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even looking at it now I can still see my code brackets and code coloring
What did you reformat it into?
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All i pressed was okay I'm not exactly sure it said reformat it was a random dialog box and I clicked okay
Sorry, but if you can't describe what you did I doubt anyone can help you, unless they personally use textpad and know how it works (I don't). Good luck.
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ya just been how its going these days thanks anyway
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Try reformatting it to UTF-8 ... .
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