PlaySound only working in DllMain

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I completely uninstalled 2012 now and switched to 2010 but i cannot code atm because I CANNOT GET THESE FKING HEADER FILES! Any idea where i can get them? I alraedy reinstalled 2 times and tried to use the repair function as well as downloading from another site but it keeps missing the headers and i cannot find them anywhere as download. Help please!
If the headers aren't in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\include
then maybe corrupt download?

Edit: I still highly recommend 2012.
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Installed VS 2010 on my laptop and somehow i got all the files there. The version on my pc (same installer (!)) had no files inside the include folder as well as no files inside the lib folder and masses of other files missed. I just copied everything from the laptop on my pc and it works now. Nty, no VS 2012, i already had enough problems with that one.
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