matrix multiplitation problem

Hi everyone! I am new to C++ and I am required to do an assignment about matrix multiplitation.
My function doing the multiplitation is as follow:
int maniplitation( int A[][100], int B[][100], int C[][100], int c, int d) {
	for ( int i = 0 ,j = 0; i < c,  j < d ; i++, j++) {
		for ( int s = 1 ; s <= c ; s++) {
			int temp = A[i][s-1] * B[s-1][j];
			C[i][j] += temp;
	return C[c][d];}

Where A and B are two separate 2D arrays containing the two matrix, C is the new array formed, c is the number of columns of array A while d is the number of rows of array B. Each matrix would have a maximum of 100 rows or columns.

However, when I print out c, it contains garbage value like -858993433. Would anyone tell me how to solve it? Thank you very much.

I haven't learnt any pointers.
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You must have three loops: rows of A, columns of B and the shared size of A and B.
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