Beyond the basics.

I have read the tutorial section on this website and re-read it. Are there any good websites, with tutorials to advance my knowledge beyond this? Beyond the confines of C++ console applications.
A console is just a way of outputting things and programming is not just outputting. There is a lot to be learnt apart from IO. For eg, Displaying 100 factorial on the console isn't easy.

If you have only learnt from this site's tutorial, consider making programs for practice. You can make any console program you want to. If you've read this site's tutorial well, you won't have problems with syntax, but devising a suitable logic can sometimes be difficult.

If you aren't getting any idea on what program to make. Solve programming problems on

If you want a more advanced tutorial, go to
This site not only has more topics but it also gives you an idea of how to use STL containers and algorithms.

Talking of algorithms, you could try implementing some of them on your own.

You will learn many things by experience. For eg. after working on your IDE for a long time, you will get familiarized with compiler warnings and errors.

Many programmers when starting out usually want to get started with graphics as fast as possible. But I believe that graphics should only be learnt after you have gained sufficient fluency in the language.
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