Where to begin with graphical output?

I may sound like I don't know what I'm talking about here, because I don't quite. I have some basic knowledge of C++ but I'm sort of getting tired of making things in the console. It's probably the best path to continue down as a beginner but I feel I'm sort of losing my motivation without, at the very least, knowing the next step toward producing a more graphical game or being able to maybe experiment with it to the extent that I can.

(Keep in mind I don't really know how to ask about this, so sorry if I sound like an idiot.)

All I would like to know is the tools I will need for graphical/more visual output and a source where I can learn how to utilize it. If you have any recommendations about the best way to go as a beginner, I will gladly accept them, but I really want to start messing around with this sort of thing.

Sorry if this information could easily be found elsewhere here, I'm sort of new here.

Thanks for your help,
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Thanks, all of this helps a lot, or a least gives me a good place to start.
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