C++ Primer 4th ed - Starting to learn programming.


A while back I came to this forum to ask tons of newbie q's and try to
narrow down the books I would like to start reading up on. After countless questions and answers I chose to start with c++ primer, and I know 4th gen is
probably a bit old but also may be more leaned towards new programmers like me.

My goal with this post is to start it now and walk through the things I am learning and to ask questions when I am stuck.

To admins and such, no worries this will not be pointless spam in the beg forum. As I will post on a whole chapter with a single post considering that it will be short chapters focusing on simple points.

>>> eg.

Chapter 1




noted questions>>>
(A list of questions I may have about simple things like syntax, or a question about what things are called such as body, functions etc.

Final note:
I ask if this is posted in the wrong forum please do the following.

Move the thread to the correct forum.
Close the thread and direct me to the correct forum area.

Thanks ~Yoda

Edit: minor grammar issues in post/topic
Edit2: Close to posting notes on chapter 1, but trying to works out my questions so I can understand things a little better.
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This forum is OK, but even so you have the power to move your own topic by clicking the "Edit Topic" button at the top of the page rather than the "Edit Post" button.

Ask away ;)
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