Date test?? help about this C++ program

Please help me about this program....... I am not understanding this one....

A) Write a c++ program that tests whether one date comes before another. The dates
are stored as integers representing the month, day, and year. The variables for the two
dates are called month1,day1,year1,moth2,day2,year2. The statement should
output an appropriate message depending on the outcome of the test. For example:
12/21/01 comes before 1/27/05
7/14/04 dose not comes before 7/14/04

B) change the above code that you wrote for part (A) so that when the first date dose not come before 2nd, it sets the first date equal to the 2nd date in addition to printing the not write complete code,simply write statments which are to be changed.....

Thanks....... :) 
Please help me.... :(
What have you written so far? What are you stuck on?
I have Write code...........Thank you L B for your reply
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