Where should i look for additional learning places for c++

I got referenced last post a tutorial on this site which was a pdf on c++ tutorial which helped alot.Anyone know of any good youtube or videos or pdfs on c++ or slideshows of any type im trying to learn it with my class but having a hard time keeping up mainly after it starts introducing loops if else if and while statements are really confusing to me anyone know of places to check or reference to perhaps strengthen my areas of difficulty? or suggest a book or something i really need help with some problem areas I'm not sure if its just my learning ability's screwing with me or i just haven't grasped it yet. anything helps thanks a lot.
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Better than a VAST amount of college proffessors; I learned much of my knowledge in C++ through him. He also provides java easy and intermidiate, networking, python, game programming, along with TONS of other sections I cannot name at the moment.
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