Usiing While Loop to display the contents of an array

Usiing While Loop to display the contents of an array except for numbers less than 20
  #include <iostream>
using namespace std;
voidprintfunction(int d[],int b)
int main()
    int  d[],int b;
    cout << "int b";
    d > 20;
    return 0;
And what is the problem?:)
My problem is that being new to this whole thing of C++, my tutor want me to use a while-loop to display the contents of an array for numbers above or equal to 20. The above code I tried failed and throws errors. Any ideas or help?????
Thaks Vlad
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At line 6, although that's technically a legal way to declare two variables, that's an odd way of doing it. Is there any particular reason you're using a comma there? Do you understand what the comma means in C++?

At line 7, it's going to output the string "int b" to the standard output. Is that really what you intended?

At line 8, what are you trying to do? Because that line does nothing.

At line 9, your condition looks like it makes no sense. d is a pointer, not an integer value, because at line 6 you declared it to be an array of ints. Even if d were an int, you haven't initialised d or b, so they both contain undefined values. What's the point of comparing two undefined values?

Also, your while loop will only execute the code inside it if d is greater than b. However, inside that loop, you make d even greater (by incrementing it at line 11). Thus, d will never stop being bigger than b, so your loop will run infinitely.

(Well, actually, it will loop until d is the maximum possible value am int can hold, after which it will suddenly become very negative, and the loop will exit. Is that what you intended?)
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The compiler is your friend. You should read its messages because it tries to help you.

I think your compiler for example issued an error or warning message for this line

voidprintfunction(int d[],int b)

I think you meant

void printfunction(int d[],int b);

and also you need to place a semicolon in the end of the line.

So read the compiler messages and if some message of the compiler is not clear then ask here your question.
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