Asking about perfect way to learn C++

What is the perfect way To learn C++ ?
and How someone make windows application by it?
What libraries i use To make Windows application? ...............

i hope one explain all what i need to be Good programmer by use C++ language.:)
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Here aren't one. It all depends from human learning it.
One can learn only from taking programming classes. Other can learn from books. And here are all kinds of books from all kinds of people. One can explain easy other will be hard to understand.
But if you want to learn it you must have a strong will to learn.

If you mean GUI applications, you can't do it with only c++. You need to use same GUI API like GTK, QT or other. Here are a lot of them here. But to use them you first need to learn c++ in terminal.
I learned C++ Basic What next Step ?
Someone Tell me learn algorithm before Object Oriented .
and What will be next than....
People are not all the same, there is no one best way to learn things. As for what to do after learning the basics, I'm not there yet, but I imagine when I'm done with the tutorial I'll start programming with a library like allegro or whatnot. Just make sure you keep learning new things and new ways to do things until you know what kind of programming you want to get into.
Here are a lot to learn. Algorithms, classes (OOP), STD, templates. And it is good to read same books about professional programing. After this QT or SFML
Thanks >> Shinigami
Can u give me Sites or books i learn from it Algorithms, classes (OOP),templates ,STD , QT and SFML. Can u ^_^
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