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Hello, when learning a language (or doing anything else in this matter) I like to make myself a list of all the things I need to learn from it. As you may of guessed, I wan't to be a game programmer (I'm going to hopefully go to uni to study for it) but also wan't to make some cool applications along the way. Could anyone list me the things (as well as key c++ knowledge) that I need to know, don't bother putting anything that's core in all languages (loops, assigning a value to an int etc) and also nothing about pointers or classes (I already know them)

-Thanks, thefatshizms.
Alot of math and different algorithms specific to what you want to do. You need to learn a game engine or a graphics library such as SFML. I think SFML is best for beginners that want to start into game programming.

(I personally havent started programming any kind of games yet at all, hell I haven't even made Hangman yet. Tho I will very soon, when I got time for it ;) )

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Okay thanks, I have no problem with maths (love maths) and the games I would like to make in the future are games like gta but to start with probably things like mario and then slowly move onto 3d games. First, I'm going to do every tutorial on the internet I can find, as well as read all my C++ books and then hopefully I know the language well enough to develop games!
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The thing I tell everyone that wants to get into game programming is this.

Don't set your sights to high. By this I mean don't expect that you will make the next Call of Duty or World Of Warcraft or GTA in your case. Even if you are a expert programmer it just isn't possible to do it yourself.

Now that doesn't mean you can't get onto the team that develops those games in the future but when you are doing projects yourself like making your own Indie games aim for something realistic and reachable. Like a 2D Mario and then slowly move on from their. Just take it slow and don't go to fast or to big and it will be a much more pleasurable experience. Since it is always better to have a awesome 2D Mario game that works and that you built and can feel the accomplishment of doing, then having a failed 3D World of Warcraft killer that is no where near done and is making you want to quit game programming ;p.

Also another tip is build Games not Game Engines. I know it is very common for people to think they NEED a game engine to make a good game, but that is just plain false and it will go much faster just making a game then a game and a game engine. Here is a good article on it http://scientificninja.com/blog/write-games-not-engines

Anyways wish you the best of luck in your game programming career. If you stick with it and put in the effort and time you should have no problem.
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Thanks a lot zereo. I'm not planning to aim too high (3d games) at first but I wouldn't mind doing it. I do plan on making it to the team that develops gta (r*) but I that's very optimistic as you have to be very good for that I would imagine..

I've been programming since the age of 13 (15 now) and I find it both easy and thrilling! And I would love to be a professional at making game.
Since you love math and have the patience and determination. I say go for it ;)

But you need creativity and such things too, tho I believe most programmers have or gains that.

Good luck!
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