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by AprilC
Hey guys i need help translating an assignment because my professor wont put it in any simpilar word...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks MiiNiPaa that made it a bit simpler im just confused about gene... (by AprilC)
by Aquos
Color Question..
I have seen many forumers thread about the colors changing in c++, but i could not understand it, an...
[5 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <conio.h> using namespace std; int main(... (by Aquos)
reading data from file
in my program ive hard coded the number of students from the file but im not suppost to do that. how...
[2 replies] Last: int main() {int i=0; int STUDENTS=i; int scores ; if... (by cmiller9732)
Breaking a string down
I have a string line containing a full name i.e. "John E Baker" I want to break it down into smal...
[2 replies] Last: In all honesty, using the sstream is the best way to do this, but ano... (by Ssturges)
Homework help
Hello so basically my project goes like this: Write a C++ program that reads in two positive int...
[1 reply] : You never give a value to size_Sum (by Yanson)
Alphabetizing a string array
My array will contain first and last names. How do i alphabetize the names inside? for instance n...
[6 replies] Last: Yes, I have one lol So, I don't know how to explain it, so I wrote ou... (by Ssturges)
I could use some assistance with "for loops" please.
I have a pretty horrible programming teacher. She doesn't explain much or do any coding with us in c...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you! I didn't even think to make k equal to i. Wow I feel dumb. ... (by Wiredbones)
cin.ignore requests input
I've made a function that prints text slowly (prints a character, waits x ticks, prints a character,...
[1 reply] : Try the delimiter '\n' (newline) rather than 'n' (the lowercase le... (by Chervil)
sort ints in an array
Im trying to sort rand generated ints in an array from greatest to least but i dont know how. im sti...
[2 replies] Last: i now have int* humFight(int humDice) { int* a=new int ; int rolled... (by mordred2)
FLTK: Closing a window after a certain amount of time
I am making a splash screen for a program I'm involved in and I am currently stuck on finding a way ...
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Copying fragment of a string to another string.
Hello, I am having problems copying part of a string into another string. For example, I tried the f...
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by foxone
Destructors and Constructors
Hey, so i wrote this DATE class and I'm still new to programming and really just do not understand t...
[2 replies] Last: Alright, your indenting is making me twitch, so I've fixed that up for... (by Oria)
Fibonacci Program
Hello. Today I am working on a project in which I have to make a program that can solve and print th...
[4 replies] Last: This could be simple. You need to use some loops to accomplish this ta... (by rcast)
Write your question here. I'm trying to make patterns with stars and spaces. I made a triangle and ...
[2 replies] Last: You should alternate 0's and 1's. Seems so simple (by eraggo)
"<class-name> already defined here"
I've got quite a large project I'm working on and lets say I've made an additional maths library for...
[2 replies] Last: Now I feel dumb... Perhaps I need a day off XD But cheers! (by TheBeardedQuack)
Having trouble pointing to a structure
Hello, I am sorry if this is such a simple fix, but I have a bad habit of making things harder for m...
[6 replies] Last: You declared function calc_BTU as double calc_BTU( building ); but d... (by vlad from moscow)
by ABL
Forward declaration error
I get a compiler error in gamestate.h and I'm not sure what's causing it because introstate.h is set...
[3 replies] Last: In `gamestate.h' you are dereferencing the pointer, a forward declare ... (by ne555)
by liz99
how would you go by creating this
write a program that uses a switch statement to create a menu for entering and reading data from a t...
[4 replies] Last: Why don't you start? Aceix. (by Aceix)
by aggsyb
Mouse positioning inside a window
Hi, I already am able to move the cursor to any position within my screen but I would like to be ...
[2 replies] Last: Sorry forgot to say its on visual studio and the application im trying... (by aggsyb)
by animus
C++ Programming Help
I'm a beginner and I need help with a homework I have for my C++ class. I understand most of the bas...
[11 replies] Last: So Animus, I'm not sure if you have gone over pointers yet, but to cr... (by Ssturges)
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