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how to install gmp?
i am trying to install gmp through the instruction showed in this page
[3 replies] Last: When i just use #include "....path to gmp.h", it works. So what is the... (by selenium)
"<<" ?
in cout what exactly is "<<" #include <iostream> #include <cstdio> int main(int argc, c...
[4 replies] Last: << is a bitwise left shift operator. It is overloaded to work differ... (by MiiNiPaa)
by fetzjr
What should i really be learning?
Okay sooo I have been working on the tutorial on this site. I just finished the Functions II lesson,...
[3 replies] Last: I don't think that makes any difference. But I'm used to format my co... (by S G H)
Want to learn simple 2d programming !
Hey guys! I am currently learning the basics in c++ by watching a series of tutorials. When I'm ...
[3 replies] Last: For 3D games, graphics APIs such as Direct3D and openGL allow to rende... (by Montario79)
by Rousan
fatal error!
okay so it tells me: fatal error LNK1169: one or more multiply defined symbols found im new in thi...
[2 replies] Last: thanks ....... i just changed the project and it work! (by Rousan)
by ccmccm
SDL game state
Hi, I am a game state main logic (post 1) and I have a button draw function render (post 2). How ...
[3 replies] Last: Please help, I need it urgently. thousand thanks~~~~ (by ccmccm)
sorting the title
/* *VsPod.cpp *4-23-2013 */ #include<iostream> #include<vector> #include<string> using na...
[6 replies] Last: Okay. That makes sense. I thought that since it wasn't a number being ... (by eman2013)
Copying a char* into char*
Hello, I am trying to copy an unsigned char* into an unsigned char*, but getting core dump. I tried...
[3 replies] Last: @vlad - Oops. You are right. Not even sure why did I do that :S Thanks... (by incognito)
Undefined reference error?
I get this strange linker error when I compile my code... /tmp/ccO8yU7S.o: In function `bad_date(...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah I tossed this in there bool leapyear(int y) { return false; }... (by Shilalydawg)
by Rogge
Not sure about the results
I'm not sure about the results to this problem 3 guys are shooting each other one has a 33% (Aaro...
[12 replies] Last: Looks correct according to how I understand the assignment. The teache... (by Gaminic)
converting string first char to int
Hey guys, I've only recently started using C++ for university and I'm having trouble with one partic...
[1 reply] : To convert a single character to an integer you can subtract '0'. int... (by Peter87)
Insertion sort reading from file into structure
I was tasked to write a program that will read the data from a txt file into a structure. i then hav...
[3 replies] Last: Ah, I see... Ok, instead of using comparing operators > and <, use st... (by Nina Sma)
how to run a gui program in the background?
i'm trying to create a program that will run another program. but the program i want to run has a gu...
[4 replies] Last: @keskiverto yes the GUI will be used but it will be used by another co... (by beginner123)
QUESTION for all you great programmers
Do you think at 32 its to old to learn programming?
[1 reply] : Well u see I am not a great programmer just a beginner.But I guess the... (by cyberdude)
Output isn't right...
Hi I've got a bit of code right here that reads a text file fine, but it doesn't cout anything other...
[2 replies] Last: Oh, I'm really sorry everyone, I'm an idiot and I had a comma at the e... (by Shilalydawg)
by nasser
debug error
a debug error pop up when output the result #include<iostream> using namespace std; int ...
[1 reply] : I think it's because g has an invalid value. Initializing it to 0 migh... (by Aceix)
output to a .txt file. trouble
I am trying to write the output to a .txt file. I have the following code #include <iostream> ...
[8 replies] Last: Makes perfect sense ! I have used the output to display only the aver... (by kittycat)
help with arrays
I am trying to figure out how to right a program that declares a 10 element double array, using one ...
[10 replies] Last: Well here's what I got. I need help to be able to use negative numbers... (by Cluterbug)
problem about putting prototypes in header files.
Hey, guys. I am learning separate files, and when I try to putting a function prototype into one us...
[4 replies] Last: i faint... i finally find that my second file haven't been auto add in... (by closed account LUXNwA7f)
by lksnip
Need Help for simple calculator program
sorry for my english is poor i make simple calculator, and want to validate it, it is good but not ...
[9 replies] Last: string input; bool error; double a1; do { erro... (by lksnip)
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