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Trouble with fstream
So I was going through my textbook and doing some of the fstream examples. I got through some of the...
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by Codeez
range for
Hi guys, I'm having a little trouble with understanding range for / vectors. I have a function for a...
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by nmn
when used like this: strcpy(buf, buf1); strcpy(buf + length, tempBuf); How does the "length" pa...
[1 reply] : The first line says, "put buf1 at the location of buf." The second lin... (by Zhuge)
by akif13
The compiler stopped working
Hello guys. Do any of you know why my compiler stopped working when user try to input "Enter your ch...
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file pointers
If you have a pointer to a file/file stream like this: ifstream *file. do you open and close a file...
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How to init Sprite Object array
Hi guyz I wanted to know how to initialize an array of the following object: helmhorr = new CSpri...
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how to compare an individual value in an array to an entire seperate array
Kind of a specific question, but here goes. Say I need to code a program that counts how many con...
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How to check array value at specific index
hello everyone, how can I check that value at specific index of an array is empty or not. for exampl...
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Header is not accepted
Hello everyone. I am new to c++ and am using C++ Primer 5/e to help me get an understanding of the l...
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#include "iostream" using namespace std; char *value = "Sandeep"; char* delValue(char* p_...
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problem with validate
i need to validate that user can only put a c g t but does not work properly can anyone help ...
[1 reply] : I already showed you a method. const char valid_letters = "AaUuCcGg... (by vlad from moscow)
by Ganado
random_shuffle compilation problem
When I first started C++, I used Dev-C++ 5.4.2. Recently I have tried out Code::Blocks 12.11 using t...
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What's wrong with my data structures?
I have data structures that bring up a lot of errors. Like the members of them cannot be initialized...
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by Slazer
error: expected primary-expression before ';' token
I got the error "error: expected primary-expression before ';' token" when trying to compile the fol...
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VIRGIN PROGRAMMER...Looking for "Team Members".
HELLO, My My name is Rich and I have literally just started learning C++ Programming. I am looking...
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GetModuleFileName to get executable
I am working on linux, but this is crossplatform application and i never worked with windows API, so...
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Case label not within a switch statement
Case label not within a switch statement ,where am i wrong can help me please?? //My Calculator ...
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by Slazer
what() function of an exception
How can I set the content that is output by the what() function of the exception? exception ex...
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by akif13
Cannot read quantity
Hello guys, I need your help to solve this. I don't know why it skipped at line 48 without letting u...
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by akif13
Hello guys, I'm still new to c++. I want to know what is meant by "create an object of Pizza dyna...
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