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2d vectors (1,2)
Ok guys so am on 2d vectors and iterating over them... from what i've understood so far...with vecto...
[31 replies] Last: You guys have given me some great enlightenment with this constructive... (by donvigor)
overload operator >>
Hi every. My code get a run-time error and I can't understand what it is. can anyone help me. Thi...
[5 replies] Last: yes. thank you very much :) (by vuonganh1993)
reading excel table with path
how can u read a excel table by typing in the path in the console? I found this code but its not wor...
[7 replies] Last: still not working.....any help? (by YumiFerrari)
LNK1169 & LNK2005
where do we properly declare global variables? I always get this LNK1169 & LNK2005 when I declare a...
[4 replies] Last: I guess it was never defined, only declared.... (by jrfrago)
Binary Search
I have been given following example on Binary Search it is not working and showing one error and i ...
[3 replies] Last: Now working code is : #include <iostream> const int N = 10; void m... (by parjanya)
by jkevin
Max and min of numbers input by the user
I am trying ti write a program that displays the maximum and the minimum of different numbers input ...
[7 replies] Last: If you want to compare the numbers continuously, but not in pair, just... (by aidyszh)
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