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by Kovs95
Dynamic variables
If I declare a local variable and give it a value, can I change that value or make it dynamic? For e...
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Question about the C + + in the area of ​​salaries
How do I work on the C + + calculates the salaries of employees and collecting their salaries and Pr...
[5 replies] Last: Alright. Once you've got some code, post it here. It doesn't have to f... (by billywilliam)
scope of include directive
The template for C++ console applications start out with #include stdafx.h at the top. The std...
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need some explanation
hello .. can you explain what would happen here in this program please ? ....... using namespace...
[2 replies] Last: thanks all for your help :D (by bgnr boy)
converting string starting with zero to int
My overall goal in this was to convert binary strings to integers, but now i am interested in also l...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=metulburr]The only problem i found when i was trying to use it ... (by Chervil)
resizing images
i am trying to resize an image useing this function: My_Image scale_image(My_Image& image) { ...
[8 replies] Last: got it working. after what athar said i look at the other parts of my ... (by maxaction)
Creating header file
Hello, This is Nithish I am new to cplusplus can any one help me here how to create header file i...
[1 reply] : this guy explains it via video in code::blocks (by metulburr)
Codeblocks dosent work with C++11
So the code is this: int number = 123; string text = to_string(number); number = stoi(number); but...
[2 replies] Last: currently Arch has the newest at 4.7.2, and ubuntu default is 4.6.3, b... (by metulburr)
strings as parameter/argument
I am a c++ beginner and I don't know if strings can be used as argument, if yes then please give any...
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by nasser
VC++ 2010 express
how to add a library in VC++ 2010 express
[2 replies] Last: Add the library name to linker input or use a Microsoft specific #pra... (by modoran)
by nasser
just a simple question
can anyone tell me what's the best complir for C++
[3 replies] Last: When you say which is the "best compiler", I assume you meant IDE. The... (by jumper007)
Pushing a Beginner in the right direction!
I am fairly new to c++ as a language, and programming as a whole. I was wondering if anyone had any ...
[3 replies] Last: I am an advanced user of C++, and the point from which I started was t... (by jumper007)
sync() and flush(), usages?
This is part of a bigger program, but essentially, what's happening is that "stringB" isn't being al...
[2 replies] Last: Very interesting! Thank you for your informative response! If (by drognisep)
check OS type
How do you check what OS you are on via C++. I came across a few answers say to check the environmen...
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Custom assignment to lvalue of overloaded [] (array) operator
Hi I'm currently trying to learn C++. I'm at the chapter on operator overloading and I have a qu...
[4 replies] Last: Cubbi, yeah, that was more or less what I meant when I said "I could h... (by janetmweiss)
by COM314
A good way to clear the screen
I'm working on a rock-paper-scissors game and I'd like to have the screen clear every time a new mat...
[1 reply] : You can check this article for other ways to clear the screen apart fr... (by Hippogriff)
If statement help.
What is the proper form of the if statement? if statement or if (statement) Also, what i...
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by Pebble
I've just started learning C++ using C++ Primer 5th edition. When i try to build the following pr...
[2 replies] Last: I'm currently using Codeblocks/Mingw. After another search session i'm... (by Pebble)
I am trying to initialise a string ive put #include <string> at the top however in the int main() s...
[1 reply] : Do you also have the std namespace included somewhere? You will eithe... (by Hippogriff)
by Kovs95
Dungeon Crawlers
Hi! I'm creating a dungeon crawler game. I created a 2d array called grid . I want the player to...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks! I forgot to delete that! My grid keeps appearing as a straight... (by Kovs95)
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