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Help please segmentation fault?
So for the last 20 minutes I've been trying to make this work but can't figure it out pleas help, al...
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by Fronk
I keep experiencing this error!
Hello! This is my first post on this forum, so I'm going to try and make this as helpful as I can...
[1 reply] : I think what has most likely happened to you is that Code::Blocks thin... (by Duthomhas)
by zulash
hello,i'm the new man in this programming world...and i did not know what wrong with my coding,it wo...
[1 reply] : First, use [ code ] [ /code ] tags. You can find them on the Format ... (by TwilightSpectre)
Requesting exercises for beginners
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and I have recently just got into studying C++ a month ago and...
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by JohnJH
Image processing - Idea needed?
I am trying to write a code which make use off the gradient effect where the picture whitest at the ...
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by wolfv
How to specify a library path?
The following example works using my Keyboard library included in quotes #include "Keyboard.h" ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you ne555 for the -isystem suggestion, it was perfect. This boo... (by wolfv)
write from a .txt file with a cout function
Write your question here. I have a simple little code I'm working on as a learning tool. It prompts...
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by Garion
I've been reading about programs to control music (start, stop, loop , etc) and I've only really mes...
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file input (1,2)
This was my attempt to read data in from a file. The file is stored in the same folder (directory) a...
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by qmzh85
header file "cctype" not required?
Hi all: I tested a simple program from C++ Primer, 5th edition, Chapter 3. The example asks to co...
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Define and #ifdef
I see a lot of c++ codes that has in the first lines anything like #ifndef anything_h ...
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Question about the copy constructor
Hello, recently I've been doing some exercises in an attempt to remember how to overload operators. ...
[15 replies] Last: The above was in reference to Microsoft Visual Studios 2008. msvs is... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
Need help with tic tac toe program
I made a tic tac toe game program. Whenever a player makes a move it tells the new field statistics ...
[1 reply] : You can't. Once it has been printed to the console you can't change it... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
Visual Studio 2012 Issue
I am working on a small project and I keep coming up on this same issue with Visual Studio. I am not...
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How does this "christmas tree" program work
Hello, I recently saw a a program that takes an integer, and prints a christmas tree (made of '*' s ...
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Problem with output(vectors)
Okay so when i give this program the input of "5+5", it gives me the output of 106, its supposed to ...
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Struct and Typedef
I want to understand the greate difference between a struct and a typedef struct . For example...
[1 reply] : In C, struct declarations did not introduce type names, a C program th... (by Cubbi)
by ZotIc
HashMap Implementation - 0x0000005 Error
Hi, This is my first post on this forum! :) I have been trying to implement a HashMap in C++, but I ...
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Need Help Understanding Pointers
Ladies and Gentlemen of, maybe you can help me with understanding pointers. I understa...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you, sirs, that makes me understand now. (by closed account 91qLy60M)
Insert a struct into an array in another class
Hello again, i can't add a struct to an array that reside on another class How can i do? Assu...
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