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Code Checker! Should i improve anything here?
I have the following code here. Just want the forum members to check if everything looks ok and whet...
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info from a vector to a textfile
I've been working a program which takes information from a textfile puts it into a vector and once I...
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Tree class with node class
I wrote this as part of an assignment that I turned in, problem is I could not get some of the funct...
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C++ Data Structures problems
Hi! I'm having problems with a program which should store information for a max. of 50 books (Option...
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Can not figure out the .h file concept at all
I have three files. When i try to compile I get sooo many errors I have no clue what to do. main.cp...
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Adding values from a file
I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to get certain values to add up into a total va...
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Need help!
I'm newbie in programming and I've met a problem for a week. I try to create project with Win32 C...
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Need help with understanding the question
So stuck please help me understand what to do in this situation Modify the lookUpBook() function...
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Object creation with constructor parameters
Hello. I have some code like this: Scanner myObject = new Scanner(; How this wo...
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by Ratham
Accessing Class Through Template
Hey all, it's my first time working with templates and I'm running in to some weird stuff. On top of...
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Extracting data from txt file
I am currently working on a C++ project that will calculate the passer rating for NFL QBs. The code ...
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by azura
Combination of while and do-while
I need HELP!! I can't figure out what's the prob with this code. Can someone help me. *** This...
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Entering A Decimal
I'm writing a code that requires the user to enter a decimal as an int value, but when I have gone t...
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Error on CIN
I'm getting an error on the operator sign of cin >> The error says while trying to match the argume...
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Help with a loop(which kind?)
I have a main which asks the user for hours, minutes, and seconds. As long as the hour is not -99, I...
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by hilft
Float + int = ??
Where can I find informations regarding addition/subtraction/multiplcation/division of float/int/dou...
[2 replies] Last: for clarity it's often a good idea to explicitly cast. In visual stu... (by Stewbond)
Saving text file in an array
Hello, I'm trying to save a text file to an array, and then displaying the text file when the progra...
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text color change
I am trying to have the "X" printed red and the "O" printed green but it is all green, before it all...
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if statements
Hello everyone, I remember that there is a way use a '?' in an if statement, but I remember the synt...
[1 reply] : The ? operator has three parts: condition ? true-value : false-v... (by Duthomhas)
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