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unclear "comand"
Hi, can someone tell me what "for(;j;j--)" exactly do in this given "program"? i used it in class ...
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receiving an image/ structure with c++
Hi, I am struggeling with this: i have this "image/structure" given: 0 00 000 0000 00000 00...
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Repeated Averages Being Displayed
I'm writing a program which calculates the average of several students' test grades. Whenever I run ...
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How to read specific numbers from .txt
Basically I am trying to do calculations with numbers from a txt file. 4 32 8 38 6 38 6 16 7 ...
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How do I know what code an address points to?? Debugger isn't very helpful
My program keeps crashing on some function, and so I ran the debugger and it gave me an address. But...
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Dynamic array inside a structure
Another 11th hour challenge from my homework. I know exactly what I need to do, just not how to do i...
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Inheritance Help!!!!!!!!!!!
When I compile, i get an error stating that I need a return value for my GetArea() function inside o...
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Pointer Problems
My test runs but I don't think I am using my pointers right but after days of trying to figure it ou...
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by leo255
What's wrong with my use of Stringstream here?
The program basically works as I want it to work - It grabs data from an input file, and then checks...
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by mdeeza
trouble working with a class
Need a little point in the right direction working with classes with separate header / driver / init...
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Need some help with this.
I am working on a program where i prompt the user for his/her name and i have to verify that the nam...
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normal distr. simpsons
I am looking to modify this piece of code to use simpson's rule double integral(double a, dou...
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how i will make calculator that lets the user to make a lot of calculations i have problem with the numbers of variables
Write your question here. Put the code you need he#include <iostream> using namespace std; ...
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Array as pointers?
Well , i just read that when we pass an array to a function, then it is treated as a pointer.. n the...
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by refeik
user defined functions
When i write this function using user defined functions, i always get a syntax error by the sum. ...
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Polymorphism clarification.
Reading the tutorials on this website. Breeze through friendship and inheritance. Get to polymorphis...
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Names beginning with two underscore characters or with an underscore character followed by an uppe...
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How does this While loop work?
Hello, I was reading a c++ book for beginners, and i came across a program that takes two strings an...
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please help me finish.
i am so close to finishing this program that will count the occurrences of letter in a word but i ca...
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by wolfv
sizeof array element
In the code below, 'a' and 'r ' both refer to the same object (correct me if that is wrong). sizeof...
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