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DirectX SDK help?
Yeah, so I think this would go into the beginner section. Anyway, I just downloaded it... Have some ...
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Wget Doesn't Work
I've been tackling this code for the past several hours and I've hit upon a snag when attempting to ...
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Need help with pointers
Ok, I'm learning C++ through a book I found online (Fundamentals of C+ Programming by Richard L. Hal...
[2 replies] Last: Ok, I think I got it: #include <iostream> #include "counter.h" using... (by m4ster r0shi)
A Little Help?
This is very simple but i can't figure it out! I made the pin number: 3373 But it will not let me ...
[3 replies] Last: The == operator doesn't work this way on arrays. It sees the arrays as... (by chrisname)
Assertion failed, overloading operator=
Why does my assertion fail? If I implemented it correctly the line " vector y(2);" in main should i...
[3 replies] Last: There is already a vector class in namespace std, so I used vector1 #... (by ats15)
by h4ever
Error RC1004: unexpected end of file found
How would you solve the situation when you have big project, which compilation lasts 10 minutes, but...
[7 replies] Last: error RC1004: unexpected end of file found I got it found, it is ... (by h4ever)
by jskako
Hey everybody, I am currently developing a program, and I forgot how to print "%d", literally, so...
[3 replies] Last: You simply have to "escape" the '%' with another '%' sign. This would ... (by aleonard)
Using name space std
Why we use using namespace???? what is mean of std???/
[5 replies] Last: Just a note. Avoid using using namespace namespace_name use using... (by codewalker)
Return type for main( ) ??
Why is return type of main( ) always int ?? Why not char or float or something??
[15 replies] Last: Arudino comes with a freestanding C++ implementation See Michael Meiss... (by JLBorges)
by azad90
Function logic error
Hello everyone, Do you mind checking my whole coding below, the program is purposely created to c...
[1 reply] : 1) implementation of "EnterDay" is weird use std::string (or at least ... (by codewalker)
by Jane J
How to read line by using while loop?
Hi, I'm a beginner for C++. I want to use while function properly, but there is a tricky part. I...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much!! I understand clearly. I was looking for this ki... (by Jane J)
by RabMac
Dev C++ - including header files
Hi, I have made my class interface and saved it as "Factorial.h". I have then written the class i...
[1 reply] : Well I now know that my header file is working and my problem is due t... (by RabMac)
by enemy
array in outer function
Hello! Is function OrderArray using m2 from main or sth else? All the other is ok functioni...
[2 replies] Last: Hello!žHow can I get the array m1 to get MEMORISED in main and trans... (by enemy)
function definning and calling
small]before asking question i tell you that i am new one learner of c++ explain answer in simple w...
[2 replies] Last: This looks like your homework and I suspect you will have very little ... (by RabMac)
The ID was sorted but the contents aren't
Hello there, I'm trying to build a sorting program that will sort product ID's and it's contents. I'...
[4 replies] Last: Product temp; (by keskiverto)
SDL resize event not responding
I typed this from a tutorial. The tutorial shows though the window being resized however on mine, yo...
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How to check if values are inside an array?
The below code is able to see if a value is inside the string array of names in the main function. H...
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error massage for new line at the end
Whenever i try to compile a perfactly working code in my compiler Quincy 2005 <
[2 replies] Last: @JakeTheHuman hmmmmmm.......OK so what am i supposed to do ? 1) Chang... (by parjanya)
by hilft
exception question!
why is "mine caught", when b is thrown? isn't it supposed to catch "yours"? can someone explain plz...
[1 reply] : This is because the "b" variable is an instance of class "a". If you n... (by J4ke)
Black Jack Game need help
I am making a simple black jack game and I good idea on what I need to do to finish it. However, I a...
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