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hello im trying to run this program . menu which include functions the cases worked perfectly alo...
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dereference operator with pointers
Hi guys I am just reversing a string and I find when I leave out the dereference operator I get stra...
[3 replies] Last: is it not the other way around? As you have found, no. To summaris... (by Repeater)
How to access class objects within a linked list?
I created a doubly linked list which is able to successfully store a list of class objects, however ...
[11 replies] Last: Your insertLast() is seriously different from the AbstractAnion versio... (by keskiverto)
Assistance with assignment question
Write a program that takes a positive integer from user (use JOptionPane class for both input and ou...
[3 replies] Last: The answer for 24! is too big to fit into an int. A the biggest an int... (by Hengry)
by focuz1
Binary Search Problem
I am trying to get my binary search to search a sorted array for a key given by the user, but I am n...
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Help with assignment question
Hi guys. I have been studying for my C++ final in the coming week and I was trying to do this assign...
[1 reply] : Your code block in missing. (by Joe C)
writing code to check if year is a leap year
I need help with fixing the error I get with my code. The error is "expression must have point to ob...
[7 replies] Last: Helped a lot thanks you. (by ricardo l17)
by OllieO
speech to text for mac
Hey, so I am trying to create a program that combines face tracker with a voice recognition to text ...
[1 reply] : Yes, it's um... "complicated". Honestly I'd suggest that you move on t... (by helios)
sorting an array
hi guys I am using a quick sort to sort elements in an array but I have across a problem,my program ...
[8 replies] Last: Do you want to perform a case insensitive sort? If so, I think the pro... (by Enoizat)
by imren
c++ vector sum of elements helping
this is my code #include <iostream> #include<conio.h> #include <vector> using namespace std; in...
[5 replies] Last: Line 9 reserves n elements. It does not initialize them. Lines 12-13... (by AbstractionAnon)
Output Says Press any key to continue.
Hello all! I have a problem where I enter my first statement in the output, it works but after th...
[2 replies] Last: that is the standard output from the windows (dos) console command "pa... (by jonnin)
Outfile not writing to txt
I'm trying to produce an output file named 'emp_data.txt' containing results from the following func...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the response. (by ashley50)
Help with assigning array
How can you assign the intersection array? I tried to do it and all I get was 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 ...
[2 replies] Last: Ok, thank you. I got it. (by zhaoyun99)
Function not calculating
Hi! I have written a code, which calculates x, y, sum and module of difference between y and sum wit...
[1 reply] : x is uninitialized. It may be zero in a debug mode compiler. Y(x) is... (by jonnin)
Entering 6 values to see the output (Please help)
I have problem with my program when I build and run it, it makes me to enter the value 6 times to se...
[1 reply] : it makes me to enter the value 6 times Well, you're doing 6 cin stat... (by AbstractionAnon)
This is due tomorrow, Please help. (1,2)
Ok so my teacher wants me to create a menu driven program that allows the user to Create entries, Di...
[22 replies] Last: No problem man (by fiji885)
Can't seem to cout.
I'm trying to have it cout the area, perimeter, and circumference, but I'm not sure where I'm going ...
[2 replies] Last: Hello Garribean, Line 2. I do not know what is in "circle.h", so it m... (by Handy Andy)
by hoogo
Issue with program comprising several classes.
Hello everybody! So I'm having a bit of an issue with a simple exercise program I'm working on. ...
[3 replies] Last: You're passing your "PatientAccount" by copy: the original one will r... (by hoogo)
Troubling Error I Can't Fix
I can't seem to get this code to run. Error is on line 64 and says unknown was not declared in the s...
[1 reply] : You're trying to use a variable, unknown , that doesn't exist. What's... (by Repeater)
Craps simulation
Hi, I'm trying to make a game that simulates craps that has to be functionally decomposed but I am g...
[2 replies] Last: Oh my gosh. That worked thank you! (by Morris7498)
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