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Need assistance with never ending loop using ncurses and a doubly linked list
I have an assignment to use ncurses and a doubly linked list to create a single line text editor whe...
[1 reply] : [code firstline=113] while(temp != NULL) { //while the list exist... (by ne555)
Menu options
Hey guys! Kind of a basic question but I cant get it right. Im using a do while loop to run a series...
[3 replies] Last: you could use the boost::program_options library. It is easy to use, r... (by ericM)
by rmeade
BUILD FAILED exit value 2 error need help
Hello, I am always getting this error message which is preventing me from running my program, the fo...
[1 reply] : `PatientDemographicInformation::printPatientDemographicInformation()':... (by goldenchicken)
String split
I have a part of an assignment that i just don't understand and can't find anything in the book or o...
[2 replies] Last: First read the names into a string with fgets. Declare 3 strings for ... (by Thomas1965)
by dms99
Inputting spaces from cin?
I am working on a movie rater program and in it I ask the user to input movie titles. Cin does not a...
[7 replies] Last: One way to do this is to use a for-loop to examine each character in t... (by Chervil)
using the default keyword
if i have defined a class called Book, and i write the following 2 version of the copy assignmen...
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by atita
crashes or doesn't work as intended
I have had this this assignment and I just don't know what is wrong with this function. Every other ...
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by ajh
Array Table issue
Hi, this is my first time here and I am learning arrays in c++ and I am supposed to create an array ...
[1 reply] : To align fields in the output, use the manipulator std:setw to set t... (by JLBorges)
too many parameters for this operator function
I have declared a overloaded version of the chevron operator within my Book class. But i keep gettin...
[5 replies] Last: Consider use of the overloaded operator in: std::cout << my_book ... (by JLBorges)
A graph should be traversed
Hello, I have a weighted directed graph, with 10 nodes, which begins with the node a. And the nodes ...
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by jsbd29
Need Help C++ Data structure
Hey Everyone. I've given an assignment on C++ Data structure. I'm using visual code. I've finish ...
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Visual studio code not finding librarys
Goodday! I have a small problem with visual studio code. It keeps giving me squiqly error about not...
[3 replies] Last: Hello krreisys, I am not sure why you would have to recompile the ".d... (by Handy Andy)
Trying to use a linked list with ADT, but getting an unexpected error that I am unsure about
I am attempting to write a doubly linked list with abstract data types to store class objects from f...
[3 replies] Last: class.cpp #include "class.h" #include "include.h" /* --- Begin T... (by Elliander)
by Cygwin
How could I initialize variables I want to input data in?
I'm getting: In function 'void arrReplace()': 9:14: warning: 'arrname' is used uninitialized in...
[1 reply] : There are so many errors in your code it's hard to know where to start... (by jlb)
by ericM
problem with polymorphism
Hello, I am trying to write a function that transform a une subclass into a different one (both in...
[2 replies] Last: which is cool, I managed to understand your answer and use a less eleg... (by ericM)
So im a beginner to programming...
... I need some help actually, im actually wanting to start into c++ programming first but i dont kn...
[4 replies] Last: Creating a game is a very complex process, that ofcourse if you mean 2... (by krreisys)
conversion problem
When i run this code, I am getting : Error C2664 'void Coord<double>::setX(const Coord<double> &)...
[1 reply] : The setX() function expects a parameter of type Coord <T> . But y... (by Chervil)
How to convert strings into ints in C++?
Hello, I'm trying to write a Sudoku program in C++ and I'm having trouble converting a string of bo...
[1 reply] : Hello mmayed, there are several ways you could change a string or cha... (by Handy Andy)
Why does this work (COM & strings)?
I'm messing around with MS text to speech and wrote some code to iterate through voice attributes st...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks Peter87, you are correct. I should've thought of that (by DrZoidberg)
Mixed mode
I had an assignment for class and got it back and lost a few points for using mixed mode. I can't se...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=helios ]Can we first define what "mixed code" means? Because th... (by Chervil)
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