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why is the code not executing as expected?
so I want to write a program that if you didn't write the number 5 ten times you'll get praised othe...
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removing duplictes
I have a homework for learning functions. I have to get a string from user and first I must arrange ...
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Inheritance: Base class property accessibility from Derived class
I have a kind of confusion here. I have a bunch of classes under mainwindow. One is the base class: ...
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Eclipse class initialisation error
I created an eclipse project with a single class called "CSlaveController" and a plain C++ source fi...
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Please help I have a C++ project due tomorrow
I need a program for a Card Game Ninety Nine. It a 2 player game, and its C++. Please, I NEED IT FO...
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by chuvak
Reading from file delimited with ',' (commas)
Let's say I have a file open with content of different types. Say, for this example, file.txt had...
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make class
somebody can help me with this Skapa ett program där användaren kan ange ett tre siffriga tal...
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Getting a break in for loop
I am getting a break, ignore, continue warning for my program indicating the place Line 113. Anyone ...
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by zghog
need to learn basic of c++
Hello. I am just new in programing and also so intrested in programing. I need help to learn basic f...
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strange behaviour vector.size()
Hey guys, I have a strange bug in my current simulation programm. In my subfunction update_eta_forc...
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Problem with hexadecimals addition implementation
Hello, I'm fairly new to programming and taking the introductory course for C++, and I'm having prob...
[7 replies] Last: and thus was born the great endian conundrum :( You will go far, I pr... (by jonnin)
Hi so I am having trouble passing through my array into Functions. The functions would be the sum, a...
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My Grades Are Suffering ... I Can't Do This
I have to write a program that will calculate how much someone would earn if someone offered to pay ...
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by cash
Never mind
Thanks for the help
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how to add different numbers?
Hi, Im a beginner and I'm stuck now with one function. It's hard to explain shortly, but I would rea...
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Library from github
I have a library of files from github and I need to use the classes that have been defined in this l...
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by MegaX
Bool Declaration not compatible with Fan class
I need to make a Fan GUI program that asks for if the fan is on and what speed the fan is on. I've g...
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I want to get two strings from user and compare them. I want to see if the letters from the first ...
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by cash
How would I edit my code so that a board is printed after each coordinate is guessed, that doesn't s...
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Please Need Help in Assignment As soon As possible
Write a program that counts number of prime numbers in an Array. The program must be able to use fun...
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