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Invalid comparison between pointer and integer
Hello, I keep getting errors saying "Invalid conversion from pointer to integer" and I have tried bo...
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Copyright nas bibliotecas padrão C++. [Translation: On the copyright of the libraries in C + +]
Olá, eu sou do Brasil e não falo inglês. Gostaria de saber se as bibliotecas padrão do C++ têm ...
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help with Dev c++ software
I downloaded dev c++ and was able to keep the cmd open using system ("pause"); for my class assignme...
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Generate Random Non-Repeating Numbers
One function of a current program I am working on is meant to generate an array of 5 numbers from 0-...
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Please Find the Error.
HI everyone can you help by finding the error in these codes. Can you explain it. First Code: shor...
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Fibonacci sequence
#include <iostream> int array(int); using namespace std; int main() { cout<<array(100)<<endl;...
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by orly24
rat race
ok, now here is my code.. can anyone help me how to work this properly??? that whan i press a key t...
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4 errors, please indicate errors.
#include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> //#include <stdlib.h> main() { void diplay (void); ...
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c++ help
Write a C++ program that find the smaller of two integers input using an if statement
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find and remove error
//Write a program to move a mesage on the screen until a key ont he key board is hit? #include <i...
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General Input Output
char city ; int n; do { cout<<"Enter the number of strings <=10"<<endl; c...
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Installing Allegro on Raspberry Pi
Hello, I am trying to install allegro on my raspberry pi. I have installed Cmake successfully, but w...
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moving snake with SDL
Hi everyone, I'm trying to make snake as a way to teach myself SDL. Right now I don't really have...
[1 reply] : I don't know about SDL, but something doesn't seem right about your de... (by Lowest0ne)
Need some quick help. (structs)
can anyone tell me why my STU.GPA calculations always end up as "114" // -----------------------...
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stuck on this homework!
write a program to evaluate the value of e^x by using the formula: e^x= 1+ x/1! +x^2/2! + x^3/3...
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Sum of long numbers using a function
Hi guys, I am new to programming and I am stuck with a homework which is "write a program which calc...
[1 reply] : the way I always work with really long numbers is using arrays, and th... (by simpleasy)
clear screen not working, it requires first definition as i already define header file
#include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { clrscr(); ...
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From array of doubles property to a vector
Hi @, I'm a newby to C++ in need of some help I want to convert the latest 50 values containe...
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C++ programmers!! HELP!!!
These are related to my practicals that are going to happen day after tomorrow...I cannot prepare su...
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Windows API reference
I was wondering if anyone has a good reference for the functions and classes supplied in windows api...
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