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Write An Individual Line From An Input File
I have been working on this assignment for over a week and I have gotten to a point where I am compl...
[1 reply] : The candidates names are contained within the text file. I assume you ... (by Chervil)
Display disappear, how it sustain on the screen
#include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <iomanip.h> using std::cou...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks alot (by toseefasim)
Ive been using C++ for a while now, and all of a sudden, CLASSES!!! Literally every single example o...
[5 replies] Last: There are too many concepts associated with classes. Class, abstract c... (by bit01)
class definition
class Mac802154Packet : public ::MacPacket // what is the meaning of this line? { protected: ...
[7 replies] Last: i got a link to understand access controls public, private, protected:... (by bit01)
inputing multiple prototypes in program
So I have to write an averaging program using lists but for ints and doubles when I write the protot...
[1 reply] : dint undestood ur problem properly. You can use function templates for... (by bit01)
Can't get this to compile
My library isn't getting located. I included it properly I thought, maybe someone else can figure ou...
[6 replies] Last: If its issue with way of including a header file, check this link to u... (by bit01)
What can I do with c++
Hey guys i am a cs student and i just read a whole book about c++. what do i do next or where do i s...
[4 replies] Last: You can also visit these links to understand concepts and common mista... (by bit01)
Read several values from 3 CrystalMark dump files
I benchmark systems using CrystalMark three times, saving the data to text files. After this I impor...
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why display is not sustain, it disappears
#include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <iomanip.h> using std::cou...
[2 replies] Last: thanks it works (by toseefasim)
by chenzy
a question of const
What is the difference of the const between Error_code top(Stack_entry &item)const; and Error_code p...
[4 replies] Last: okay, thanks very much!! (by chenzy)
by Amulon
Reading in a file
I am reading in a file that looks like: append 10 serve append 20 append 30 serve push 10 p...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for pointing that out. I thought I got everything out of it ... (by Amulon)
by jaded7
linked list iterators
I am currently implementing a linked list (as an exercise) and I am close to finish it, with one of ...
[5 replies] Last: That isnt the problem I was having, it was addressing the relational o... (by jaded7)
Need some help with a mathematic function
Hello i am trying to write my first "mostly" unassisted and copy pasted program but i am having some...
[4 replies] Last: yes i know the answer should have been 1.5 i input YA=6 XA=6 YB=4 XB=3... (by warburp)
by jc4bs
Segmentation Fault
I am trying to do a for loop which will allow the user to type in the name of a subject for a number...
[5 replies] Last: Line 17 creates a vector with numClasses elements which are copy const... (by cire)
Can't Find the File and Can't Find the Namespace
Two problems. 1. When I do the richTextBox1->LoadFile("FILENAME") method, it tells me that the fi...
[5 replies] Last: I'm sorry if I used the wrong term, but if I try System::, it throws t... (by TheBilly102030)
Simple "cout " i cant fix :( help plz
ok.. This a short menu im creating... it seem to be working prefectly fine other than the fact that...
[9 replies] Last: No problem, fella. And hayfrend! If he did: while order == f ); Th... (by Lynx876)
Simple/compund interest problem
I'm currently trying to learn c++ by going through a book and ran into this problem, which I'll summ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks a lot! This is very helpful. Here is the final code I had that... (by egg management fee)
Help with Random Number Generation
Hello all, I'm building a really basic monte carlo simulator in C++ and have had a real problem w...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you bandicoot, that was the thing that actually fixed it. Very ... (by PeterCaya)
by ace55
C++ Help with if else if statement please!
I need to write a program calculating commission based off this info: 15% commission for the first ...
[4 replies] Last: You are making this way too complicated. all you really need is: if(... (by hayfrend)
by Amulon
Reading in a file with different data types
I am trying to read in a file that is similar to this: push 10 pop push 20 push 30 pop push ...
[3 replies] Last: Awesome! I didn't use exactly what you wrote, but I used what you wrot... (by Amulon)
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